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The Village Bean began in 1988 as a dream grown out of a love of coffee. Our mission is to offer the finest and freshest specialty coffees and teas to our local New Hampshire community in a pleasant atmosphere where it's fun to shop.

We started out with about ten varieties of whole bean coffees, just a few teas, a few gifts and a small tasting bar. We've grown over the years with quite a long list of coffees and teas, many gift items, and a busy beverage bar where the first pot is ready for early commuters, and where friends meet and relax around our comfortable tables. Folks in Windham have become quite familiar with all the coffee lingo, and many have developed their own favorite bean blend or beverage. Our enthusiastic staff has gotten to know many of our customers, and we share in the joys and sorrows of their lives. For many customers, their day is not complete until they've stopped by on their way home from work for the evening latte or chai.

When we ask, "How are you?" the question is genuine, and our guests, our friends, know it. It's amazing what spills out: details of travels, medical crises, social events, work events, play events, family events, all the stuff daily life is made of. Inquiries for recommendations for painters, cleaners, vacations, homes to buy or rent, directions to places near and far.

You need to know what's going on in town? Visit the Village Bean.

We find joy in being part of so many people's lives in little ways that can make a difference. It's with joy that we send people off to work relaxed and smiling, and help them transition at the end of the long day to return home refreshed enough to enjoy their family. Wonderful connections have been made at the Village Bean, as we introduce waiting guests or pass on recommendations for activities or services. It's thrilling to participate in a tiny way in thousands of Christmas celebrations, where Village Bean gift bags are found under trees on Christmas morning. It's great fun to satisfy a gift-buying customer who has no idea what to get, but was told, "Go to the Village Bean - they can help you!" We put together a beautiful gift bag and the guest leaves with a big smile and sigh of relief, mission accomplished.

We are a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and have earned its coveted TOPS award annually since its inception. It is with joy that we continually learn more about specialty coffees and teas, and the people who produce them. We're enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge, and hoping to make a bit of a difference to the farmers and workers who are passionate about the quality of their coffee, connecting our communities through awareness. We support several local organizations, as well as Coffee Kids. To us, coffee and tea are much more than just simple drinks.