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A wide variety of the world's finest coffees awaits you at the Village Bean. Our coffees are available by the pound or by the cup or by subscription. Specialty coffees also make great gifts, and we offer several choices, such as our Bean Box or a beautiful gift bag of specialty coffees paired with sweet treats or a mug.

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We feature several estate coffees, grown on family farms and nurtured to achieve the highest grading standards. We have met some of these growers, and count them among our "coffee friends." Our roasters have direct relationships with these farms, and negotiate fair trade contracts, assuring the farmer a fair income, allowing him to develop his farm for the long term, including providing adequate wages, housing, education, and medical services for his workers, and incorporating organic and other sustainable farming techniques.

We offer several regional coffees and blends. Our single origin coffees each come from one specific country or region, offering its distinctive taste for which the region is known. We also offer several blends, each carefully designed to achieve a balance in body, flavor and acidity while still preserving the unique character of the component beans.

We also offer a variety of flavored coffees, and many of our coffees are available in decaf (some are decaffeinated using the water processed method).

The Village Bean is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. We attend its annual conference and have taken trips to coffee estates. Our staff is continually learning about specialty coffees and we are anxious to share our discoveries.