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Our Estate Coffees are grown on family farms and nurtured to achieve the highest grading standards. We have met some of these growers, and count them among our "coffee friends.

Hawaiian Kauai Estate Reserve

100% Estate grown and state Certified. The highest grade available. Grown on fertile volcanic soil, it is one of the world's most prized arabicas. Medium bodied, delicate with mild acidity. Well balanced with a whisper of honey.

Kona Mountain Estate

Kona coffee, is a rare estate coffee famous for its rich flavor. Its only grown in the volcanic soils of the big island of Hawaii. Kona Mountain coffee is sweetly aromatic with a splendid balance of acidity and body with a rich and smoothly mellow taste.

La Minita Tarrazu Estate

The renowned La Minita Estate is located in the Tarrazu mountains of Costa Rica. The coffee is beautifully balanced in body, acidity and aroma. The darker roast fully develops the smooth deep taste of this very special coffee.

Santa Lucia Estate

This delightful estate coffee from Nicaragua has a mild clean flavor and delicate honey-like sweetness.