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Our single origin coffees come from one specific country or region, offering the distinctive taste for which the region is known. Our blends are designed to achieve a balance in body, flavor and acidity while still preserving the unique character of the component beans.

Colombian Supremo - Fair Trade Organic

Supremo is the finest and most widely recognized Arabica bean produced in Colombia. From from the Popayan region, these characteristically large, attractive beans make a brew that is full bodied, rich and smooth with a slightly winey flavor.

Guatemalan Antigua

Produced in the highest coffee growing region in the Americas, this magnificent Arabica is widely regarded to be the ideal coffee. Medium bodied with razor fine acidity. It has a brisk, lively flavor, smoky bouquet and an exceptionally clean finish.
Also available in decaf.

Kenya AA

This snappy rich acidic coffee has the distinctive winey flavor of Kenyan coffees with a pleasant lingering aftertaste. This is Kenya's highest grade of coffee.

Mexican Altura - Fair Trade Organic

This organic coffee from Oaxaco on the Pacific coast of Mexico is a mild and mellow coffee, low in acidity, yet flavorful. Altura is a small bean of impeccable quality. Light bodied and mellow with good acidity, it is mild and refreshing in the cup.
Shade-grown by farmer cooperatives with absolutely no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Sulawesi Toraja

This Indonesian coffee, Shade-grown in the Southwestern region of the Island of Sulawesi is considered one of the world's finest coffees. Full bodied with low acidity, it is famous for its depth of flavor, aromatic spiciness and buttery smoothness.

Sumatra Mandehling - Fair Trade Organic

One of the most highly prized coffees in the world, this high-grown Indonesian arabica resembles no other. Rich and heavy bodied with low acidity. It is exceptionally smooth with a distinct nutty flavor. Shade-grown by farmer cooperatives with absolutely no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Tanzanian Peaberry - Fair Trade Organic

Grown on the slopes of Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro, this outstanding Arabica bean produces a rich and full bodied with medium acidity - especially for those who like comfort!

Village Bean Blends

Breakfast Blend - Fair Trade Organic

Smooth taste for that perfect first cup or throughout the day. A blend of Indonesian and South American beans.
Also available in decaf.

Espresso Roast - Organic

This northern Italian style espresso blend is strong in flavor with the bittersweet aftertaste of high acidity. It is a bit lighter and smoother than our French Roast, and is great for making espresso and cappuccino. It also makes a delicious cup of drip coffee.
Also available in decaf.

French Roast - Fair Trade Organic

Our darkest coffee, this is a strong dark smoky roast, great for espresso or cappuccino.

Pacific Blend - Fair Trade Organic

Full city roasted Guatemalan and Sumatra Mandehling are combined with a touch of French roasted Mexican to create a uniquely individual blend. Intense and rich with pleasing acidity and a full well balanced flavor.
Also available in decaf.

Village Blend - Fair Trade Organic

Our signature blend of Indonesian, Central and South American coffees is rich, smooth and aromatic.
Also available in decaf.