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The Village Bean offers loose leaf and bagged teas for every taste and occasion, by the pound or by the cup. We also carry many tea accessories, such as infusers, teapots and mugs. Our teas make great gifts - let us create a Leaf Box or a gift selection of teas paired with cookies or accessories. A sampling of gift ideas are shown under goodies & gifts.

All teas consist of leaves plucked from the camillia sinesis plant, an evergreen bush. Teas are differentiated by the method of processing (creating black, oolong or green teas) and by the soils and climate of the area where the teas are grown. Teas are often blends of leaves grown on different estates, creating different flavor characteristics. For example, English Breakfast tea typically consists of a blend of China black teas (e.g. Keemun) with a taste profile popular in England, whereas Irish Breakfast tea, usually a blend of Assam teas (northeast India) and Ceylon teas, has a more hearty taste profile preferred in Ireland.

Black teas are the fully oxidized teas, referring to the process used in drying the leaves.

Green & oolong teas are not fully oxidized; oolong teas are only partially oxidized, and green teas are not oxidized at all, hence they carry more of the original color of the green tea leaf and generally brew up quite light in color.

Herbal infusions are often called herbal teas, but technically they are not teas at all. They contain no leaves of the camillia sinesis plant, but rather consist of various herbs, often containing no caffeine, such as chamomile or mint.

Black, green, or oolong teas may be flavored (Earl Grey, for example, is actually a tea flavored with the oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit). Some black teas at the Village Bean are available in decaf and most herbal infusions contain no caffeine.

Listed in this section are the loose leaf teas we carry at the Village Bean. In addition, we carry many packaged teas, both loose and bagged, including the popular English tea "PG Tips" and Republic of Tea selections.